Claudia Vernaza is a professional fine art photographer with more than 4 years of experience. Prior to her transition into photography, she worked as a marketing expert with organizations and companies recognized around the world. Her expertise in the corporate world shed light on the limitations companies have when creating advertising campaigns and choosing the faces that would represent their brand at a global level. Through this realization Claudia turned a passion into a career, making photography the center of her brand. She has received multiple certificates from National Geographic, Canon, and Sue Bryce Education throughout her career.

Photography for Claudia was fueled by the idea of representing diversity in her images. As a mother of two daughters, she saw a lack of representation when it came to women in the corporate and fashion world. Living in Mexico, she sought the opportunity to merge art and culture showing underrepresented faces in her work. Her collection of photographs came to form the Ancestrals project. This project photographed Mexican women wearing traditional attires pertaining to their heritage. During the project Claudia received guidance from friend and world-renowned photographer Joyce Tenneson; both photographers are inspired by the same philosophy, women and their importance in the public eye.

Claudia has mastered creating an extensive portfolio with corporate shots, headshots, portrait shots, and family-oriented shots making her a well-rounded photographer for different needs. Now with her own studio in Scarsdale, New York, she offers a variety of packages and consultation appointments to capture the clients’ vision. Whether it be for a model’s portfolio or personal branding the right portrait photography can help you succeed.

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